New Blade Shades Models Now Available!

New Blade Shades Models Now Available!

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As much as we love getting Blackeye’s and giving Blood, we decided we should introduce a few more new models for the 2019 Holiday season which is fast approaching. All of the new models are polarized and each have their own little story to go along with them (especially the Miracle). Enough chirping from us - check them out: 

The Miracle

Do you believe in Miracles? We’ve teamed up with the 1980 Miracle on Ice team to create these Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Polarized Blade Shades. For each pair sold, $20 (yes you read that right) will be donated to the “Monument to a Miracle” initiative created by the Friends of the 1980 Miracle Hockey team and go towards their goal of creating a monument for the team in Lake Placid.

We only made a small number of these so grab them while you can!

Feature: Matte Black Frame with Blue/Red/White temples and Polarized Blue mirror lens.



Keep the ice on your mind with our newest member to the Blade Shades family.

Simple and to the point, the new polarized Blade Shades Ice mimic the color of our favorite playing surface and feature black tape on the blade.

Blade Shades are styled after the modern carbon fiber sticks that have been a staple of every player for the last 15 years. Have fun looking like a stunner heading to the rink.

Features: Black Matte Frame with White/ Black Temples and Polarized Chrome mirror lens


The Vezina

The newest edition to out goaltending family reinvents the classic goalie stick in the form of polarized Blade Shades.

If you’re a fan of Plante, Sawchuk, Parent or Vezina himself - these are for you!

The Goalie Glasses are the perfect addition to anyone that is a goalie or has the ambition to stop the puck at any cost.

Features: Black Matte Frame with wood looking temples and Polarized Grey lens


The Classy Goon

The legends of the past used wooden sticks, and now we do too.

This special edition “Classy Goon” glasses are polarized and feature ear stems made from real bamboo for an authentic feel.

The Classy Goon is the ultimate throwback to the time when sticks were wood, players didn’t wear helmets, and everything was black and white. It is always good to look back and learn from the old school while rocking these classic style shades.

The Goon Glasses are based on the original lumber all the famous player used to take home the cup.

Features: Black Matte Frame with real wood temples and Polarized Grey lens


The Dangler

Our new official neck strap for Blade Shades. This practical neck strap is essential to keep your sunglasses in place everywhere you go. Excellent for any pickup game, ODR, and everyday use.   Perfect as a gift or to show your love for hockey. Actual hockey lace in  both black and white. Sunglasses not included.

 All the above items and our original Blade Shades are available now! 

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